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Speaker Paul Ryan And Chairman Kevin Brady Produce A Tax Blueprint To Make America Great Again


Forbes (7/16/16) – Speaker Ryan’s hand-picked chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), managed to achieve the impossible as head of Ryan’s House task force on tax reform. Recent well-intended efforts at tax reform left many pessimistic. Nothing of the magnitude of the last big prosperity-with-equity tax reform, in 1986, seemed possible. Brady showed them how. Brady rendered a big, high potency, high integrity tax reform plan that is shrewdly designed to vault America back into the lead of world economic competitiveness. It is structured to supercharge economic growth, increasing growth over baseline by 9.1% over ten years. It would lower rates, broaden the tax base and provide tax cuts to taxpayers across-the-board. It would dramatically simplify tax preparation for about 95% of Americans. And it would do all that without being a deficit monger.
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