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Political Advocacy

Northwestern Mutual is deeply engaged in efforts to protect the interests of policyowners, clients, and our company as Congressional debate continues on a number of issues that could impact the insurance industry. Educating legislators about the importance of long-term financial security planning is essential. Northwestern Mutual is grateful for the advocates involved in the Government Relations Delegate program and grassroots political outreach on behalf of our company.

Government Relations Delegates are financial representatives who have volunteered to be a liaison between the Northwestern Mutual Government Relations department and their network office colleagues. These individuals regularly take time away from their business and families to meet with their elected officials to educate them on how our industry offers a solution to the country’s financial security challenges.

“When I feel the heat, I see the light.” – Everett Dirksen, former United States Senator

All financial representatives are encouraged to participate in the Northwestern Mutual advocacy program. Staying informed and getting to know your elected officials are important components of community involvement and advocacy. A coordinated grassroots response, coupled with the activities of the industry’s trade associations and Northwestern Mutual’s political contribution program, ensures we have a strong, unified voice. Government Relations has posted to LINKnet all of the information and tools you need to positively impact the outcome of legislative debates at both the state and national levels.

Political advocacy at the grassroots level is not only a critical responsibility, but it can also be intensely rewarding both personally and professionally. You can spend as little as 30 minutes a quarter – about 10 minutes a month – engaging in tasks that will feel normal and comfortable. In return you will find new business opportunities, and you will find new business opportunites, and helping to ensure the prosperity of your business and industry.

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Watch a short video presentation showing why individuals should get involved in advocacy Video Presentation.

This short video offers a refresher course on how Congress is designed to work Video Presentation

Here is a short video with tips on Staying Connected Video Presentation

Current Political Advocacy Materials