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Commentary: Three Real Life Impacts of the DOL Rule

LifeHealthPro (06/26/15) O’Brien, Kim Kim O’Brien, contributor to LifeHealthPro, breaks down three impacts that a proposed Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule will have. O’Brien says, “The bare-faced reality is the DOL rule as proposed will cause consumers: more confusion; less protection and more cost; and insufficient access to annuity advisors and annuity advice. Despite […]

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NAIFA Members Warn of Negative Impact of DOL Fiduciary Rule

LifeHealthPro (06/23/15) Hersch, Warren Most insurance and financial advisers are concerned that the U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed investment advice fiduciary rule will harm adviser-client relationships, interfere with advisers’ ability to serve retirement investors, and increase costs, according to a new survey from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). Two-thirds of advisers […]

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Battle Continues Over Fiduciary Rule for Retirement Investments

Wall Street Journal (06/15/15) Maxey, Daisy The Labor Department says a review of academic literature provided by the White House Council of Economic Advisers suggests that advice from professionals who have a financial incentive to put investors in a specific product takes a $17 billion bite out of the retirement savings of working- and middle-class […]

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